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  1. the worst game you could play solo is apex legends. don't know about fornite.. but the majority of apex's community in my opinion is -10 years old that barely knows how to grap a fucking controller.. yea thats your teammates btw. plus ppl that can hold controller majority of them are fucking passive playing pussies which anti-climatic for the game's environment which excites you to push and shred people with yours skills. the game HAVE to do smth about the match making or else as a solo player I wouldn't recommend it for you unless you have a party or passive playing pussy. I have played it for a whole year and I just deleted it and came looking for another game.

  2. Finally! Sonic is getting some love for his newest game in 2019! 😃
    Can u guys believe that there’s literally 3 months till 2020 that’s actually mad
    At first I thought there were 2019 games

    And I estimated there would be 14 parts of this video

  3. Sigh so many shooter games these days, I wanna play a skill based MMORPG that has amazing graphics with amazing lore and amazing system that’s not world of Warcraft.

    Guess I’ll have to wait till that game becomes big one day, rn it’s just shooters and the same genre of games.

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