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EXTREMELY RARE Unboxing: Pikachu Gameboy Advance SP

Because I can. This is the Limited Edition Pikachu Gameboy Advance SP that I wanted to share between filming a review. It’s my Christmas present and it’s the …


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  1. I don't buy things to worship them inside the box. I bought it to play with it. I wanted it new without any damage, as I keep my stuff nice. Don't bother me with your worthless idolatry. Things should be played with, not collected and never touched. I feel sorry for you who do that. It's no fun.

  2. Pokemon was the first popular gameboy game ever before sonic and mario games was made there the number 1 game now pokemon is number 2 video game

  3. Me who saw one of those brand new on eBay and said no to buying that and instead bought a regular one: 👁💧👄💧👁

  4. Is there actually a battery in the SP because it comes with a charger like the switch does but the switch has a dog but doesn’t actually have a battery because that’s where the charger is in the bundle right? I don’t know I just wanted to know because I’m getting an SP myself with three other games Mario kart super circuit Mario Bros three and Mario world and I don’t want to have to change out the batteries cause I don’t know how to do that yet so can you please tell me because I am pretty nervous about it


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