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HEAT vs LAKERS GAME 1 – Full Highlights | 2020 NBA Finals

HEAT vs LAKERS GAME 1 – Full Highlights | 2020 NBA Finals September 30, 2020 The LA Lakers beat the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals.


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  1. 14:04 – 14:33 James and Jones thrash talking.. James owning his ass twice. You don't fuck with the big dogs baby Jones

  2. Game is probably rigged just like how the nba condones game rigging by easports of nba live mobile game. Ovr lvl 86 teams beating ovr lvl 108 teams in shooting, blocking and rebounding.

    Added to that the programming is so poor that players are unable to complete missions due to inability of the game to detect the successful implementation of a block.

    Nba standards are really low these days. How disappointing.

  3. This is the strangest NBA finals. In October, with no fans, and with the players having different black lives matter messages on their jerseys. It’s just completely different now.

  4. Lack of maturity will end this in 4-0. Trust me.

    Miami playing soft basketball. Unlike Lakers playing very physical and hard.
    I like butlet but..
    4-0 is almost real

  5. They trashed KD for joining GSW but what about AD linking up with Lebron? You ain't beating this squad man until they're dismantled lol.
    I knew bc of what happened to Kobe they was going to get the chip regardless, bubble or not. Shyt was set in stone. But they got not 1, but 2 bigs (1 who can basically shoot the pill like a shooting guard…AD) they play team ball and have solid quality role players.
    And, oh yeah, LeBron is there too.

  6. now this what highlights should be, starting the cut during the possiession till the basket. great job dude ill watch them highlights here from now on

  7. BRAWN trying so hard to get FMVP with 10 absolutely meaningless points after the game was already decided 😂

    He was trying his best to get that last assist for a trip dub too, brah so clowned out smh

  8. Olynyk tasting some karma for injuring Kevin Love in 2015. Now he's watching his own star teammates getting injured in the Finals.


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