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How to download GameGem

Hello guys in this video I will show you how can you download GameGem , Your device must be jailbroken first However thank you guys for watching and don’t
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-sorry guys for taking long time to upload a video but these days I’m really busy with studying 😇.
-I have a question for you guys , do you want for me to uploads Roblox hacks or iOS app hacks or both . Comment down below!


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  1. I hack it doesn’t work I have a regular and the real Cydia application and when I type in game gem in the search bar game gem and nothing pop up did I download a freaking rip off version Cydia or is it the application was forbidden and banned because I just wasted 2 hours of my time okay

  2. Does it work with Cydia demo? It’s the only one I know how to download.. I don’t know how to download a normal Cydia ;-;


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