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  1. 5 years , still one of the best songs I heard…
    But lets be real , this is also one of the best animation videos , there weren't that many cool and flashy effects added other then the lightning that appeared when the blue guy ,,sliced" hacker , which looks good. All in all , this is how a video should look like , most of the videos that were made after this weren't exactly the greatest , I mean , 6th and 7th don't have the best animations , but all of them have amazing songs tied to them. Now if we had less flashy effects , it would be okay. I'm not saying to completely remove them , but like… maybe tweak them a little , maybe add some sort of effect when someone gets stabbed so that there is visible blood (in other words , just change the skin a bit) , add a cool slice , like in this video when the blue guy ,,slices" hacker , that looks good , that could be used for a falling head , instead of the characters (unless it's the hackers) literally phasing through enemies and the heads , hands and legs to just instantly fall off , and for it to look like they just hit the body or hands , and for that to still happen , maybe a bit more attention to how they slice off the body parts.

  2. I can’t believe it was all these years ago that Minecraft jams was awesome. I mean hacker 6 lyrics are pretty sick but the overall story of the 6th was weird. Minecraft jams went downhill ever since psycho girl. The little square face series was really good until they made psycho girl fall in love

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