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PC Longplay [927] X-Men Origin: Wolverine

Played by: kireev20000

This is one of the few movie tie in games actually worth playing. You get to play Wolverine like he appears in the comics as a man who is capable of cutting a guy limb from limb. While it can get a little repetative with the enemy types being reskinned and using the same attacks/stategies to defeat them, it is still fun to play.

PS. This is my second playthrough, so all upgrades from first was carried over.

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  1. In past when I didn't knew how to complete any level, I came here and saw how to complete those part of the game.

    This video was really helped me to complete the whole game.

    Thanks bro for making this wonderful video:)

    And sorry for my broken eng

  2. Please tell me the power attack settings.. and character settings..

  3. vote up at to carry this game again and we can all re-live this epic title again. At the time of this comment it should be at +205 votes lets see if this makes a difference

  4. Thanks for this upload Kireev, i've been wanting to play this but couldn't find a version I wanted better.
    And I had a huge backlog. :3

  5. I love X Men Origins Wolverine: Uncaged Edition and the only Wolverine game that its the best one so far to one of my favourite and absolute badass superheroes of all time. I wish if there is someone making a definitive Wolverine game.


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