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  1. Company of heroes 2
    Day of infamy
    War Thunder
    Battlefield V
    Men of war: assault squad
    Sniper Elite 4
    Rising Storm
    Wolfenstein: the new order
    Hearts of iron IV
    Worlds of tanks
    Steel division normandy 44
    Sniper elite V2
    Worlds of warships
    IL-2 sturmovik: battle of stanligrad
    Red orchestra 2: heroes of stanlingard

  2. Only one ww2 game is unique because it compine all different classes and RTS. And that is Heroes&Generals WW2, i really love that game because you can choose your class from tanker, to infantry and pilot etc and all those classes are fighting like real war. Battlefield V is looking better but H&G is more historically right and weapons are more autentic. H&G is best as squad based game with friends. I di not like games where is only tanks, or only infantry or planes not other classes. War compine those all and thats the way its need to be.

  3. Anyone else got sounds problems with both starwars battlefront and battlefield v? its like crackling noices all the time.. please comment if u know how to solve this problem. its not nice when u buy 2 games and both games have the same problem..

  4. Does anyone know what WWII game had a scene where the player parachutes into occupied territory and gets stuck in a tree – along comes a german patrol directly underneath him – they relieve themselves and walk on? I thought it might be MOH but can't find a video.

  5. What a horrible list. I mean, your description of IL2 made me laugh aloud as whoever wrote this clearly hasn't played the game.
    Also, Battlefield 5 is not a WW2 game and to be perfectly fair, neither is warthunder.

  6. Battlefield V is a good game for all of you disagree keep your thoughts to yourself it's better now try it out thanks for the video in getting a PC soon this will help a lot but next time include hell let loose

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