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  1. I'm an expert at troll-playing. It's like role-playing, but you pretend to be the exact opposite of someone in the comments section.
    Is someone posting very liberal stuff? Then I can be an outraged skinhead.
    Is someone posting very conservative stuff? Then I can be an outraged trans-gender black woman.

  2. Binding of Isaac? And RPG? I wouldn't even call it close to an RPG. There's literally not a single RPG element in the game. The closest thing to an RPG element in Isaac is a MOD called Isaac RPG. What in the world would make you think that Binding of Isaac is, in any way or form, an RPG? If you're going by "you play the role of Isaac" then literally fucking every game ever made is an RPG.

  3. How are these dumb, half ass, arcade indie games rpg and rank higher than games that actually took time and passion to make? What people find in those games I'll never know. Arcade died in the 90s

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