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Vr game-Chém hoa quả – Fruit ninja – Oculus Vr

From backyard to battleground, transform your world as you compete against rival players in Four Diverse and Exciting Modes:
• Classic – The classic gameplay you know and love! You have 3 lives, make them count!
• Arcade – Pure mayhem. Slice your way through the madness and score insane combos!
• Zen – A more ‘relaxing’ experience to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect.
• NEW ‘Survival’: Test your reflexes as waves of fruit are flung at your face! Don’t flinch.

Leaderboards: Fancy yourself the ultimate ninja? Compare against friends and foe from all over the world!
Chém hoa quả bằng kính thực tế ảo, quá phê và vi diệu
Công nghệ thực sự đã phát triển đến mức này sao?
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