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Warcraft 3 – Green Circle TD: AMAZING GAME (VICTORY)

Playing a warcraft 3 custom game called green circle TD. The objective of the game is to maintain less than 700 enemies on the map at all times! You need to eliminate all the enemies with towers.

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  1. Really different Version I never played before. Your videos give me a heads up on what to expect. Much respect ✊

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  3. what is king tower's multi type attack power compare to normal multi tower damage?

    with 3 multi tower + aura can it handle all waves?

  4. Do you know? King towet is sooo op in this map, you can win with only king tower by selling all other tower. By the way, this map is very easy to win

  5. I want yo play This versión bit i can't found it on epic, can you give me a link or the name oficina the map plzzz


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