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WarCraft 3 Reforged – 1v1 Multiplayer

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Warcraft® III: Reforged™ is a complete reimagining of a real-time strategy classic. Experience the epic origin stories of Warcraft, now more stunning and evocative than ever before.

Reforged Visuals
Integrating cutting-edge modeling and rendering, we’ve rebuilt every hero, unit, building, and environment in Warcraft III from the ground up. You’ve never seen Azeroth like this.

Legendary Campaigns
Relive the events of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. Command mysterious night elves, insidious undead, savage orcs, and noble humans as alliances shift and cultures clash in ruthless conflict.
• 62 missions across Kalimdor, Lordaeron, Northrend, and beyond
• 40+ hours of epic gameplay, with 4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes
• Control over 20 legendary heroes and villains from Warcraft lore: gain experience, level up, master powerful abilities, and enhance nearby units

Reign of Chaos
Humans, orcs, and night elves must stand together against the Burning Legion and their armies of undead. Witness the tragedy of Arthas Menethil and the redemption of the Horde in this sprawling chapter of Warcraft’s epic history.
The Frozen Throne
Aid the Sentinels in their quest to stop Illidan, lead the blood elves to Outland in search of salvation, ascend the Frozen Throne, and help Thrall carve out a new homeland for orcs in Durotar.

Exhilarating Gameplay
Warcraft III’s formula of hero-centric real-time strategy is easy to learn but difficult to master. Gather resources, build a base, and assemble an army. Recruit powerful heroes to lead your forces, then meet your foes in battle. Destroy the enemy base to win the game!

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  1. this game looks very unpolished. looks like they put random models, avatars and layout together and named it warcraft.

    my eyes hurt.

    And the most important and needed functionality, selecting more than 12 units still isnt there …. WTF

  2. I just purchased the game and never played any games of this genera now I can see where I will be after watching this . I think there is hell lot to learn

  3. have you trained before go to pvp ? you growed very slow without do multiples things . sad real sad humans are strong when you are fast.

  4. Você ainda é muito lento, constrói em uma ordem aleatória, sem lógica e função para o que acaba de construir, perde muito tempo sem upar o herói, escolheu um herói ruim contra os Orcs e quase não usa atalhos ou não sabe… Precisa melhorar muito!


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