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Warcraft 4 – SC2 arcade gameplay!

Cast by “Madals”
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  1. Why the F@#! do people click 50 damn times in one spot like it speeds up movement or game when it doesnt. Its just F@!#ing annoying people.

  2. Nice clickbait title, granted smart person won't fell for it but considering comment sections lots of idiots did 😀

  3. I wonder how much of an effort it would take to make warcraft 4 happen.
    I mean they alredy have the mechanics and story. 
    Lets hope that all those people leaving wow will inspire blizz to do something.
    Well even if they do something, not untill overwatch will be smooth and running which is propably 2016-17? They're loosing the original fans and eventually replace them with free to play moba players.


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