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Why Blizzard Won't Release Warcraft 4

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Once upon a time, Blizzard Entertainment was a relatively small developer. Then Warcraft came and changed everything. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was a smash hit for the company, and it was quickly followed by two successful sequels. All three games and their expansions are considered classics of the genre, and the obvious move would be to make a fourth game. But more than fifteen years after Warcraft 3, there’s still no new RTS game is in sight. Why? Here are all the reasons why Blizzard won’t release Warcraft 4…

Double team | 0:29
A new world | 1:20
Zerg rushed | 2:24
Gold mine collapse | 3:10
MOBA domination | 3:53
Can’t build there | 4:50
Missing heroes | 5:58
Still kicking | 6:41
A new path | 7:47

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