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Winx Club: The Game (PC) – Full Game 1080p60 HD Walkthrough – No Commentary

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This is kind of a reupload of my Winx walkthrough I did back in 2014, having all 9 videos put together. I felt like doing this, after finally having the videos unblocked, as they were blocked worldwide due to copyright claims, back in 2016.

All copyright-claimed cutscenes have been cut out. The cutscenes that have not been claimed for whatever reason have been kept in. So this walkthrough basically includes the game, and game only! For the ‘missing’ cutscenes, simply look them up on YouTube.

I know; this is kind of a game for girls, but ‘WHO CARES?’. I used to play this with my brother and little sister a pretty long time ago and I played it, and I liked it very much! Enjoy!

Winx Club: The Game playlist:

Story: Join the Winx Club and prepare for an interactive adventure of fairies, fantasy, fashion and magic. Assume the role of Bloom, a 16 year-old Earth girl, who discovers she is a magical fairy. Meet Bloom’s fairy friends, Stella, Flora, Tecna and Musa and battle with them against the evil witches in this most exciting girls adventure. Featuring a wide range of community-based activities and collectibles, The Winx Club will whisk you away. Features a storyline based on the first season of The Winx Club and a large assortment of mini games and collectibles. A wide range of magical moves and spectacular spells. Accessible controls designed specifically for players of all levels.

Release Date – April 26, 2006
Genre – Action, Adventure
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance
Publisher – Konami
Developer – Powerhead Games

My Xbox360 gamertag: Shad0wx54x

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  1. I remember forcing my brother to play the game for me, because I was so bad at it lol. I remember him getting mad at me whenever I would delete a save file and force him to play again. Ahh, those were the days. xD

  2. 2:56:26 I found out that the GBA version of this game had a sequence where bloom found the answers to Wizgiz‘s upcoming test and I was wondering if there was a sequence for the PC version too bc I‘m bothered by how Tecna mentioned the upcoming test. However I can’t seem to find that letter containing the test answers anywhere.. can you actually find it or was it just all talk? I recently installed the game again after so many years and it still fascinates me

  3. I mean what would happen if they would make a winx club game for ps4 or par5 with good quality i'm a boy and i would be so happy if this happens…
    A game that every level we could play with every fairy we could fly,transform,change outfits with lots of powers

  4. The number of stars that you completely collected is 2,018, which looks-pretty-much exactly-the-same-as early 2018, which was really 2-years-back at 1:00:07.

  5. The characters are a bit scary i’m so glad I did not have this game when I was younger I will have nightmares for weeks


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